80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Model Event, Tibenham Friday 18/9/20

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  1. nmacwarbirds


    Lid geworden:
    16 feb 2015
    Dear All
    First off, I hope you had a merry Christmas and I would like to wish you
    all a happy new year. I would like to thank all those who supported my
    events last year, I do appreciate your support.

    I am pleased to announce that we will be holding

    an 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain model aircraft commemorative event.

    The event will be at any Scale / Warbird / Jet meet at Tibenham Airfield
    on Friday the 18th or September 2020.
    Scale Aerobatic will also be welcome, scale foamies are also welcome.

    By kind permission of the Norfolk Gliding Club

    Three (smooth) tarmac runways in various directions

    Pilots TBA
    Spectators suggested donation £ 2

    A one-minute silence will be held at midday for the fallen from all sides.
    Hopefully the remembrance ceremony will be performed again
    by Dave Welsh and the 'Spirit of Coltishall Association'

    Proof of BMFA or LMA insurance will need to be provided on the day.

    Food, Drink, Bar and Toilet facilities are available at the club house.
    The Battle of Britain Ball will be a hero at the Clubhouse in the evening.

    Caravan and camping facilities are available at Tibenham airfield.
    Thank you.

    Tibenham Airfield
    NR16 1NT

    Regards Phil G.
  2. nmacwarbirds


    Lid geworden:
    16 feb 2015
    Dear All
    When I had to change the date of my Salute to the 445th BG event
    due to the government restrictions, I submitted a bid for a flypast
    to the RAF events team for the new date. I also asked them if they
    would reconsider my bid for a flypast at the Battle of Britain event.

    To cut a long story short we are now getting a flypast at the Battle of Britain
    event by a Hurricane at 18:30 hours.

    To say I am pleased is an understatement.

    Regards Phil G.
  3. nmacwarbirds


    Lid geworden:
    16 feb 2015
    Dear All
    I have just received word from the RAF events team,
    due to new MOD advice the Hurricane flypast has been cancelled
    at the Battle of Britain event at Tibenham on Friday the 18th of September 2020..
    Very disappointing this news but the show must go on
    as they say.
    Are there any Black sheepers still out there?
    I received a message from Greyfly,
    I think Dennis R. is hoping that there is.
    I must admit it was good fun when we had a Black sheep
    slot at the BoB event two years a go or was it three.
    So is anyone in to give the BSS another go?
    Regards Phil G.
  4. nmacwarbirds


    Lid geworden:
    16 feb 2015
    Dear All

    There seems to be a little bit of interest regarding getting the so called 'Black Sheep Squadron' out again for a couple of sorties.

    So here are the rules and etiquette for those who might be interested in joining. You must have Black something as your handle. See below for those names already taken.

    Rule 1 - Have fun

    Rule 2 - Must look something like a WW1 aircraft of any flavour with a wing span between 55ish and 90ish inches

    Rule 3 - Have more fun re-kindling the glory days of the Dwarf Patrol and the memory of our dear departed chums.

    1) BSS Commanding Officer (Pup Cam) His word is final.

    2) BSS Deputy Commanding Officer (NorfolkNGood)

    3) BSS Black One, Formation Leader (Mudders)

    4) BSS Team Manager (nmacwarbirds)

    Why we are doing this. Our Silent Guns.

    Ivan Goodchild

    June Howlett

    Colin Griffiths

    Stuart Cotgrove

    Ken Bones

    Bob Payne

    Roger Yallop

    Keith Whiddett

    Berkeley Pitaway

    Gone but never forgotten.

    We already have a full list of rules and we don't want to add to them however I thought some Squadron etiquette should also be observed.

    #1 Whenever there is a BSS gathering there shall be at least one slow pass performed and flown in Missing Man formation. Any model of a rotary powered aircraft will have its throttle well and truly "Blipped" throughout the pass. Anyone flying, for example, an Ex-Stuey DVII will be expected to blip the throttle even though to do so is not entirely prototypical The manoeuvre, announced in best forceful Red Arrows fashion, shall be known as "The Sheepy Pass".

    Squadron etiquette amendment.

    #2 The Tibenham Ball will be now be known as The Black Sheep Tibenham Ball.

    I have amended the toasts part of this etiquette rule as Schwarze Schaf has joined the Sqn.

    With the following toasts.

    1) Toast to our dear departed.
    2) Toast to the RFC / Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte
    3) Toast to the Queen / Mrs. Merkel

    If we take any losses and the model is beyond repair,
    Said model will be buried with full military honours.

    #4 Breaking a prop on landing will be known as a "Bess" Breaking a prop on take off will be known as a "Queen Bess"

    #5 The Keep Menz Going Society.

    Anyone breaking 5 props (Prop Ace) will be automatically
    inducted into The Keep Menz Going Society.

    #6 Anyone landing long or short.
    That will be known as a Dibble

    #7 What happens at the Ball,
    Stays at the Ball.

    I'm sure further etiquette will emerge as time goes by.

    A big thank you to Pup Cam for writing the above etiquette and constitution.

    Black Bess (Pupcam)
    Black Knight (nmacwarbirds)

    Blackjack (Brian Cooper)

    Black Shadow (Matrock19)

    Black Betty (Norfolk'n'Good)

    Black Widow (Charlie C.)

    Black Jazz (Mudders)
    Black Adder (NSS)
    Black Current (Wilco)
    Schwarzes Schaf (Antonnick)
    Black Heart (Philbert121)
    Black Hole (Dibble)
    Black Fingernail (paulinfrance)
    Black Cock (hatchet47)

    Black Mamba (alanh)
    Black Pudding (NickK)
    Black Bean (Chizel)
    Black Shuck (Muffler)
    Black Arik (Andrew T.)

    Black Baron (Tim E.)

    Black Magic (fly-navy) Honorary

    Squadron motto
    'Home in time for tea and medals

    Regards Phil G (Black Knight)
  5. nmacwarbirds


    Lid geworden:
    16 feb 2015
    Dear All
    Just two weeks to go until the Battle of Britain model event,
    which is my favourite, Yippee.

    Is anyone coming along?

    If so I will need a contact number and your real name please.
    This is to comply with government guidelines.

    I took a trip down to Muddley manor in deepest Suffolk
    last Sunday evening to pick up a 1/4 scale Sopwith pup.
    Fortunately it was in my price range, free. Thank you
    Mudders it was very kind of you to donate it to me.

    So the race is on to have it ready for this event.
    I want to be able to take part in the intrepid
    Black Sheep Squadron sorties.

    Hopefully some of you will be able to attend this event.
    As always I will try my best to make it a good day for everyone.

    Regards Phil G.
  6. nmacwarbirds


    Lid geworden:
    16 feb 2015
    Dear All
    We are on for Friday, but with slightly stricter rules.
    At all times I take the responsibility of running these
    events very seriously. With what is going on at the moment
    I am going to go above what is required by law.

    So to start with, I am going to give us a name, to make things more formal.
    So we will be called, drum roll.

    'The Tibenham scale and warbird association (RC models)'.

    On arrival at Tibenham guests none contact temperature will be
    taken, if it is above the threshold, they will immediately
    be sent home.

    Guests will be put into groups of not more than six
    That is who they will fly with for the rest of the day.
    Guest will be able to choose who is in their group.

    There will be no verbal briefing.
    Instead the rules will be printed on a piece
    of paper and taped to a table. Each group can
    come to the table and read the rules for flying.
    Then the next group etc,etc.

    There will be no formal remembrance ceremony.
    I have had to cancel SoCa with their standard bearers
    and trumpeter. Instead I will sound my car horn at midday
    that will start the one minute silence and we can all
    reflect on the sacrifices that we made on our behalf 80 years a go.
    We will also remember our silent guns who we have lost in recent years.

    We are going to have to move the cars/vans further back from the main
    runway. So we can use the full width of where we normally stand.
    The right side of the runway will be piston/electric wait and start
    the centre, jet wait and start and the far left exit after flight.

    1) All those wishing to attend the event must register their interest before the event. You can register via messenger, email or pm.
    1a) Temperature will be taken on arrival. As mentioned above.

    2) Social distancing as recommended by government guidelines must be observed at all times.
    There is no reason why social distancing cannot be observed as Tibenham is a big place, but for some reason if it can't a face mask must be worn.

    3) Those attending must give their name and a phone number. Point (1).
    If someone turns up and they genuinely did not know they had to register
    they must give their name and number.Failure to do give so will result in automatic exclusion.

    These details will be deleted 21 days after the event.

    4) Car parking, vehicles must be parked 2mtrs apart.
    There is plenty of room at Tibenham.

    5) Number of models in the air at one time, limited to six.

    6) Those attending must bring along their own hand sanitizer.

    7) Although I will make every effort to make this event as safe as possible,
    those attending will do so at their own risk.

    8) No one shall touch anyone else's property unless asked to do so.

    Further measures we are taking to make this event as compliant with

    Government guidelines as possible.

    Please check and ensure there are no restrictions on you travelling from
    your area before setting off. If you or anyone in your household has any
    of the symptoms of COVID-19 you must stay at home. The main symptoms are:

    A high temperature
    A new continuous cough
    A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

    You must also stay at home if you have experienced COVID-19 symptoms
    in the past 14 days, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14-days,
    or have had contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case.

    If you or anyone in your party becomes ill with any of the recognised COVID-19
    symptoms (while onsite or within 14 days afterwards) please contact me immediately.

    Everyone must have a face mask. There will be some available for sale
    at £3. £1 will go for the cost of the mask the other £2 will go to the NGC.

    You must stay within your group all day.

    There is a lot to take in there, but I believe we can have a
    really good day. Who knows when this sort of thing might be taken
    away from us again. Not forgetting we are there to remember the gallant 'Few'.
    I bagsy Douglas Bader.

    Regards Phil Goff

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